SEO Client On Boarding Process – Add 100 Clients a Day Using This System

Are you the SEO that struggles to collect critical campaign information from your clients at the start of their marketing campaign? If so, this client onboarding article was written just for you. Many marketing business owners dream of scaling their client base, though to do so, you need to have a system in place that cuts down on time spent collecting client data, giving you more time for internal tasks of each campaign.  How do we accomplish an automated onboarding system?

  • Typeform
  • Zapier
  • Asana

What You’re Going to Get From This Walkthrough

  1. A complete onboarding system designed for any online marketing business.
  2. Discovering How PlacementSEO Uses This Very System
  3. A system that’s simple to setup/simple for clients to use.
  4. A system that’s free – absolutely no paid plans required (wow)
  5. A system that can scale no matter how big your business is.

By writing this article, I hope that you walk away with a new emphasis on client onboarding while understanding how easy it is to automate what often seems to be a process that holds up most marketing campaigns.

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Our System Starts with Typeform

Typeform has been around for a while now, and because we all know there are seemingly millions of form builder options on the market, Typeform stands out the most to me for a few reasons.

  1. Typform’s free plan works perfectly with our system.
  2. Typeform is extremely easy to configure, especially since its launch of V2.
  3.  Typform allows you to capture information using many customizable fields.
  4.  Typform’s user submission experience is entirely on-point.
  5. Typeform works on mobile devices.
  6. Typeform can be easily integrated into your website using several embed options.

You can view a live demonstration of how we use Typeform right here.  Oh, and feel free to complete the entire form start to end, I have a feeling you’ll like how it flows.

Another great reason to appreciate the functionality of Typeform is that the software stores user submissions quite nicely, and securely may I add. Although we’re not going to rely on the Typeform submission storage to collect user data it does indeed serve as an excellent backup. When your client submits to your their information Typeform will also email you, and the client, confirming their submission. (These email templates are completely customizable too.) If you take time to watch the video I’ve included with this article, I’ll show you how to work individually with Typeform.

After a client submits their data using Typeform, Zapier then grabs that information and zaps it straight to Asana.

Introducing the Middleman: Zapier

Zapier is an outstanding tool for so many reasons, and although it would take a novel to explain the many ways Zapier can automate your business, I will share how we use Zapier to power our automated onboarding process. Our agency uses Zapier because:

  1. There are seemingly thousands of zap potentials to use for automation.
  2. Zapier integrates Typeform with Asana outstandingly.
  3. Zapier allows free accounts to execute 100 actions per month, for free.
  4. Zapier allows free accounts five zap combinations before prompting an upgrade.
  5. Since using Zapier, their zaps have never missed a beat, ever.

To be fair, there’s not much more I can say about Zapier because it’s so simple and we’re only using it to create a stable bridge between Typeform and Asana. If you plan on using this system, I encourage you to watch my included video as it show’s you exactly how to setup Zapier correctly. We’ve covered two tools now, Typeform and Zapier. Once your client completes your Typeform, Zapier processes that data and zaps it right over to Asana, it’s pure gold.


Introducing the End Component: Asana

You live under a rock if you haven’t heard of Asana. Our agency has tried several project management apps, and Asana stood out the most because:

  1. Asana offers a generous free version.
  2. Android and iOS apps included for free.
  3. The user interface is gorgeous.
  4. Collaborating tasks between team members are simple.
  5. Asana is virtual assistant friendly.
  6. Asana makes client onboarding easy peasy.

I’ll stop there though I could honestly go for hours on why I recommend Asana.

The screenshot above points out the following points:

  1. Zapier creates a new onboarding task upon Typeform completion.
  2. Zapier data dumps the Typeform information into the Asana Task Description.
  3. Zapier adds team followers to the task (super important).

Additional Zapier configurations allow you to automatically assign employees to new onboarding tasks also which is perfect when building a fluid, automated system. After Zapier data dumps your Typeform submissions as a new task to Asana, you can then use that information to populate a separate marketing SOP (Steps of Operating Procedures) that you’ve developed for your business. As a side note: Data entry and starting your client campaign should take no more than fifteen minutes which makes for an excellent virtual assistant job.

Without going into too much contextual detail about how we perform the onboarding task to SOP transition process, I welcome you to view the video I’ve provided in this video which covers everything you need to know to get started.


Conclusion and Final Thoughts:

Businesses that do not use systems will eventually cap-out on its ability to scale. Though the method I presented in this article (and video that I recommend watching) is simple, it gets the job done with efficiency and scale in mind. By watching the video I provided you will learn exactly how to setup Typeform, Zapier, and Asana to work with each other. I figured it would be easier to show you on screen than writing a ten-thousand-word article.


Have Any Comments/Questions?

Please, by all means, ask your questions below in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer every one of them! I appreciate the time you take to engage with my content, and to say thank you; I’ll do the best I can to help you out.


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Written by John King
Self made Entrepreneur that co-manages, a growing internet marketing agency. To learn more about our agency vision, SEO secrets and growth hacking, follow me on Facebook.