Cold Emailing Strategies: Getting to Five Thousand Dollars Per Week Using Cold Email

“I quit cold emailing a long time ago. Cold emailing takes too long. I never get any responses from cold emailing prospect clients so I stopped performing this insanely awesome method of self marketing.” Does that sound like something you would say if I personally asked you, “Do you cold email prospect clients?”. If so, wake up, cold emailing is still alive and well when it comes to growing an internet marketing company, or any company type if that matters.

Would you be surprised to hear that our agency sends a few thousand cold emails per week? Would you be surprised to hear that we can easily open more than $10,000 per week in new accounts? Lastly, would it surprise you to learn that we spend about $270.00 per month to scale the way we do when it comes to cold email marketing? To put that into perspective, for every $270.00 we spend on cold email, on average we have a $40,000 dollar return. Not a bad ROI, right?

In all transparency, I’m not here to sell you something, I’m not here to show you what I use while attaching affiliate links. I’m here to help you envision exactly the strategies we use to capture hot leads through cold emailing, without being spammy. So let’s get started.

Here is the Complete Breakdown of my Thirty Minutes Video

1: Finding Relevant Companies to Cold Email

2: Retrieving Contact Information

3: Retrieving VERIFIED Email Addresses

4: Crafting the Perfect Cold Email

5: One Step Customizing Mass Emails

6: Cold Email Tracking and KPI

Here Are the Tools I Use in this Video:

1: Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel (CSV Files not XLS).

2: Yet Another Mail Merge (Free will work, but Premium is 100% worth it)

Bonus: (For Fun)

I use to zone in on my daily work, boosting my productivity 10000000%. (Serious).

Download Five Real Result Cold Email Scripts

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Written by John King
Self made Entrepreneur that co-manages, a growing internet marketing agency. To learn more about our agency vision, SEO secrets and growth hacking, follow me on Facebook.